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What is Affiliate Marketing? Put simply, it is a type of marketing that is based on the performance of the affiliate. If you can drive traffic to sites like JcPenney, Macy’s or Amazon.com and that traffic converts into a sale for that merchant you get a percentage of the sale. Most affiliate programs pay only for converted sales, some other programs, a smaller number of them, pay you per lead. If you can get a user from your website to preform a specific action, such as fill out a lead generation form you can be eligible for a bounty. Imagine that you send a user to a credit card offer they signup for, that could be worth $300 in your pocket. Sounds good right!

The Hard Truth
Before you run off and register your first domain you should know that affiliate marketing is HARD. Most people give up before they even choose a niche they want to go after. There are thousands of directions you can go in and just that choice can be overwhelming.

Take It Step By Step
If you’ve read my warning and you still think you want to dip a toe into affiliate marketing here are the first steps I think you should take
1. Pick a niche, one that you’re interested in. If you’re not interested in the topic the odds are you will burn out on the idea and give up.
2. Find some programs, programs are essentially the merchants that you are going to promote on your site. Most people start with Amazon because they are the biggest player in town, but there are easily more than 10,000 programs for you to choose from. This is actually something that Affiliate-Program-Guide.com will help you with as we break down the best programs for each niche.
3. Get a domain name and build a website, if you’ve never bought a domain name and setup hosting be aware that you’re going to have to go though a learning curve just to get your first site up.
4. Get social, the easiest way to start building your brand is by getting busy on social media and building an audience. Depending on your niche, Twitter and Pinterest currently offer great opportunities for you to build your brand.
5. Buy in for at least a year, building your site, building your audience, building backlinks and traffic; all of these things take time.